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Make Money on ebay

How To Make Money on eBay Right Now
By Brian Mahoney

It's been estimated that the average person has between $500 - $1,000 of things laying around the house or in the garage that they could sell on eBay. Getting those items sold and for maximum profit is what this article is going to show you how to do.

My name is Brian S. Mahoney and for over 10 years I have been selling on eBay. eBay has changed a great deal in that time. Right now eBay limits your first month selling volume to 10 items. So as you go around the house and garage looking for items to sell, if you have more than 10, you want to list the ones with the most likelihood to sell and at the highest price.


First you have to register with eBay. They provide you with step by step instructions when you log on to their website. After you register go around the house and garage and collect as many items as you can to sell. eBay has a category called Everything Else. So almost anything can be sold. There are some restrictions so if you are not sure about a item then it's better to contact eBay first before listing it.


eBay's sight is broken into categories. Clothes, DVDs, Books. Each category has sub categories. For example, the book category has a sub category of audio books and another for textbooks. Finding the best category for your product is one of the most important things to do, to get your item sold and sold for the highest price. To do that you have to do research.


You begin your research by typing in the name of an item that you want to sell. Then you will hit a link on the left side of the screen that says "completed listings". All the completed listing in green have sold. The ones in red have not. This gives you a percentage of what are the chances of your item selling. Take the following steps and you will dramatically increase those percentages.


First concentrate on only the items that have sold. To decide what price to start the auction at you will look at the following. Did the item sell with a high number of bids or with a "buy now" price? Most are being sold with a set buy now price. Of course it depends on the item. If you have a laptop to sell, it is in such high demand that you can start a listing at 99 cents and be sure it will have plenty of bids if you list it correctly. Every product is different. That is why you have to do this research.


Look at all of top selling items and use the category that has had the most success. After selecting your category,look at all of the sale dates. If there are a high number of sales, then get a time of day for highest number of sales for each day of the week. What is the average shipping and handling cost for this item?


Next we have to determine the headline and description. The average person makes a sales decision in the first 18 seconds. So by the time they are finished scanning your headline if you have not gotten their attention then you lost the sale. One formula is get Attention, Develop interest and Initiate Action. ADIA. You get Attention by having a great headline. For the purpose of this article I will instruct you to view the most successful headlines and duplicate them. The same is to be done with the description. There are many more copywriting and keyword secrets and techniques to be learned, but that's for another time.


After you have done this research for all of the items that you wish to sell, it should become clear which items to list. New eBay users have it harder setting start times. You need to build up your feedback rating to get pass this barrier. One way to do this is to purchase low cost items, like buying a penny. Yes people sell pennies on eBay. Purchase and pay for the penny then ask the seller to leave feedback. Or purchase a popular item like a dvd, that you can enjoy and then resell on eBay.


You now have all the basics needed to get started. So make it so. If you wish to make this a business then there is much more to learn. I am Brian S. Mahoney. Don't hope you have a great day. Make it a great day.
Brian S. Mahoney is one of the nations leading experts on how to make money. He specializes in how to make money from home in Real Estate, eBay, internet marketing and photography. His website has a library of affordable training DVDs that get you the secrets to making money right now.

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