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Pay Off Debt

How to Make Extra Money Online & Pay Off Debt
By Jason DeLeonardo

By now you must have heard of someone you know talking about how you can make money online. I am not talking about the survey sites were you get paid very little to do a lot or the sites were you are tasked to do something and in return you make a little money. I am talking about internet marketing and making money by being an affiliate of a company and making commissions off of sales. Below is a review of a simple on how to make extra money online.

Did you know that Google makes most of its income from sales ad space which is called AdWords? People and companies actually bid for placement for a certain keyword that they are trying to target. So that when someone searches that term they see their ad and click on it. In return the person displaying the ad on their site gets paid as well as Google. What the website owner gets paid varies depending on the keyword and how high the bidding is at. Keywords can range from just a few cents a click to as high as twenty dollars or more. It all depends on the competition for the phrase they are trying to target etc. Debt or finance for example is a very competitive niche and companies pay a great amount per click they get to their sites using Google.

On the other hand if you're a website owner you can display Google ads on your site and this is called AdSense. Depending on what your site is about Google will display ads that are similar in subject. They do this by using something called a spider which scans through your website determining what it is about. So lets say a person owned a website about dog training they would probably have ads displaying information about professional dog training. If someone comes to their site and clicks on one of the AdSense ads that is displayed they will in return make money. Its as simple as that.

So the way you can make some extra cash is simple in that you need to create a website or blog targeting a certain niche and drive traffic to it. Blogging and website creation is much easier today than it used to be as its all user friendly. You no long have the need to know any programming or have special abilities to create website. In fact and are both free blog sites that allow you to create as many blogs as you want with ease.

So all you would have to do is go create a blog and then write about a subject that you have knowledge on or something your willing to learn about. You don't have to be an expert but you want your site to say in the same subject area to better rank in Google. Once you have your blog setup you need to go to AdSense and get you an account setup and then begin to post articles to your blog. Post a few articles each week and you will be well on your way to making a extra amount of income each month. It wont happen over night but in a few months you should start to see a small amount of income in which will grow over time if kept up. Each month you are sent a check from Google that you can deposit into your checking or savings account.

Now this is not all there is to it and there are definitely many more ways to making money online. But this is one of the more passive and easier ways that require no money to start and lets you learn the system. Now there will be terms and new things you will need to learn to make the real big bucks but this is just a basic idea how it is done. Another way of making money is being an affiliate to a product and make commissions each time someone purchases the product through your site. There are companies like ClickBank who host many different products that you can be an affiliate to and make anywhere from 20 to 75 percent a sale.

One way you can promote these products is to create a website with a review of the product. Then you will promote the products through article writing or use of ads to drive traffic to your site in hopes someone makes a purchase which in return makes you money. Make sure though that you are promoting a product that is worth what it is costing the customer and that its not a scam.

There are many things to learn in internet marketing but the truth is that almost anyone can do it. You can do it if your 15 or if your in your 90's. Age does not matter and the only thing that does is that you continue to work it each week and you cannot fail. If you want to know how to make extra money online and have the ability to write a simple article, or review on something, then you can easily make several more thousand a month online.

If you would like to learn more in depth on how you can make money online then please follow the highlighted link to my Make Money Online Blog.

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